Cooperation with Rijk Zwaan

  • Promotion and sales of Rijk Zwaan varieties for Japanese market

    We are engaged in the development of vegetable varieties for the Japanese market of Rijk Zwaan, a leading Dutch seed company, and their dissemination and seed sales to growers and production areas.
    We strive to introduce vegetable varieties with outstanding characteristics and provide technical support from a global perspective.

  • Introduction of quality varieties and technical support

    We are the exclusive agent in Japan for Rijk Zwaan, a leading Dutch seed and seedling company for 35 years.
    In recent years, Dutch-style modern facility vegetable production has been attracting attention for agriculture in Japan, and we handle many varieties of tomatoes, peppers (mainly bell peppers), cucumbers, eggplants, lettuce, etc. that demonstrate high performance under such facility conditions. We hope to contribute to the improvement of growers' profits and the development of facility vegetable production by introducing better varieties and providing close technical support.

  • ミニトマト
  • 実ったミニトマト
  • 畑のレタス
  • パプリカ

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