Overseas Sales and Seed Production

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Recommended Products

Good quality onions that have been selected in Japan

Even for seeds produced overseas, we take one to two weeks for logging the off types before planting the mother plants. This is done to ensure that seeds harvested in different environments overseas will maintain uniformity in shape and size when grown by our customers in other climatic conditions. Seeds are delivered to our customers after quality inspections such as germination and purity tests of seeds actually grown on our farms. We recommend "Spring Star" and "Senshu no Chikara (Trial No. TF-081)" as promising varieties from our assortment. Spring Star is one of the easiest to grow and the sweetest variety, you can harvest onions with good round shape and 300gram uniformed in early spring season. You can enjoy those onions in fresh salad or also good for tempura and any other dishes. Senshu no Chikara is a medium-late F1 variety that can be harvested in late May in Japan. The parent lines are based on the Senshu yellow onion, a traditional onion in Osaka Japan. Compared to other mid-late varieties, it has thick scales, juicy, and good taste. Very good for eating as onion steak which is very satisfying and delicious because of its large volume. The variety is also resistant to disease and easy to cultivate. The variety has gotten Gold award at variety competition held by local prefectural vegetable section in Aichi in 2017 and 2018.

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